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Dates of Cambridge Exams

FCE: 165€/120€ *with education voucher

Writing exam: 15.12.2018

Registration by: 13.11.2018

CAE: 175€/130€ *with education voucher

Writing exam: 8.12.2018

Registration by: 6.11.2018

Language school SPEAK became in June 2016 the speaking examination centre for Cambridge – it means that the students who want to take an exam don´t have to travel to other cities but exams will be in our school in Banská Bystrica.


Upon successful completion of one of our annual courses, you will obtain an attendance certificate. All you have to do is achieve a minimum of 60% attendance and a minimum 70% end of course test score.


SPEAK Language School prepares students for Cambridge ESOL and IELTS exams and also help them with the registration, communication with exam organiser and we provide them with the necessary information, we also handle all enquiries, questions and complaint.

At the same time, we endeavour to provide a high standard of service in order to build our reputation – so far every student was advised whether or not to take an exam by his/her language teacher prior to registration. We are proud of our 100% pass rate regarding every student who registered and was recommended by the teacher to take the exam.

All our students have an opportunity to take free MOCK EXAM at least once during a half-year course and twice during a whole-year course. It is a kind of a dry run, which means that students have the same conditions as they will experience during an actual exam. They will also be given the results and the teacher will advise them on how to improve their language skills and what to focus on. Mock exams are usually taken in our school on Saturdays and occasionally, on Fridays. Applicants who are not students of our school or are students of another course can also take the exam, for a fee of €18.

We have a Cambridge ESOL and IELTS preparation course coordinator in our school. She is one of our qualified teachers’, who has many years’ experience with the examination process.

Before registration for the course and exam, students will attend an interview with the coordinator who will provide them with all the information and recommendations regarding the most suitable exam for their individual needs. She is an examiner of the mock exam and presents students with their results. She decides who is ready for the exam and who requires improvement. She also serves as a consultant for other language teachers who teach our preparation courses.

The services mentioned above are the main advantages for our students and all who others who come to get information about exams.

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