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In today’s world, learning English is a vital skill that will help your children achieve their full potential in later life. The sooner they start learning, the better. With the right methods, children can learn English quickly, effectively and joyfully. Once they obtain an initial grasp of English in primary school, they will have a strong foundation which will be an advantage in their later studies.

When children learn English, it is important that they learn English which is practical and useful. It is important that they learn to speak good English and that they work towards international standards that will prepare them for study abroad, or the international world of work.

At Cambridge ESOL we believe that learning should not be stressful for children, it should be fun and stimulating. Their studies should make reading, listening and speaking in English come naturally. As their confidence develops, they will want to learn more and use English on a more challenging level.

An important part of developing that confidence is the support and encouragement you give as a parent. Remember, your children need to practise their English as much as possible, including at home.

English for young learners

Children who learn English when they are young will have an advantage that will stay with them for life. Cambridge ESOL recognises this and has developed a special system of tests designed to get children of primary school age and upwards on the path to learning English.

Young Learners English (YLE) is a reliable and consistent measure of how well your child is doing in the skills of listening, speaking and reading and writing. Tests are designed to make learning fun and children are encouraged by working towards certificates and earning the ‘shields’ that record their progress.

There are three levels for children to work through, Starters, Movers and Flyers, with Starters being the first, aimed at young children with very basic skills.

As children develop and work their way up to the Flyers certificate, they reach a level that will enable them to aim for the Key English Test (KET) or the Preliminary English Test (PET) in our General English range of certificates — qualifications which will be of value for further study or in the workplace.


Clear progress

Whatever your child’s current age, ability, or reason for studying, Cambridge ESOL has an exam which will be appropriate for him or her to work towards. They start from certificates aimed at primary school children (YLE) and progress towards qualifications for highly advanced students. You will see that attaining each certificate is a step that leads naturally to taking a more challenging test. Because Cambridge ESOL exams test candidates on what they know rather than what they don’t know, learning is encouraged and confidence developed. Even the most basic certificate is a start on the route to qualifications that are useful for work and study.


For your child to take full advantage of the opportunities that tomorrow’s world of work will offer, a qualification in English is an important asset. It is therefore best for your child to work towards certificates that are recognised by thousands of educational organisations and employers throughout the world. Government agencies, immigration authorities and professional bodies in many countries also recognise our qualifications.

Your next step


  • You can register your child at SPEAK language school, which offers courses that will help your child prepare for Cambridge ESOL exams.
  • You can’t enter your children to take the tests directly with Cambridge ESOL, but if you contact your teachers at SPEAK language school, they will be able to help you with information about courses, exam registration, dates and fees.
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