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We are a professional team of  23 Slovak and 16 native speakers. In year 2017, we welcomed more than 800 children aged 2 – 15, as well as numerous successful candidates for FCE and CAE exams aged 15 – 19. We helped more than 100 students aged 7 – 19 to attend language stays and secondary schools abroad. During 15 the years of our existence we have taught more than 7000 students to communicate in English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian and Slovak.


We are a modern European language school which in our teaching adheres to communicative methods and techniques in order to encourage all SPEAK students to speak with self-confidence. In our English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian and Slovak for foreigners’ courses, the students communicate without restraint. We teach English to all age groups, starting with children from 2 years, primary school students, secondary school students and adults. We incorporate a natural way of motivation to communicate at our nursery school SPEAK STAR, in our courses at SPEAK, our summer camp SPEAKLAND and our language stays or secondary schools abroad.

How much time does your child speak English during their lessons in other curriculum schools? In our school we do our utmost to ensure that our children speak English without any restrictions. In our lessons we predominantly speak English. However, we are more tolerant with less experienced adults to allow them to progressively build up their language skills to a stage where they become more fluent. We encourage them to participate in various communicative situations, we set realistic tasks within the SPEAK environment. We are going to maintain our proven methods of role play, utilising pictorial material, to keep the learning process interesting and fun. Throughout the year we arrange Cambridge certificates for children and youths – Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET. We prepare teenagers aged 15 – 19 to part take in internationally recognised exams for FCE and CAE certificates. Our examiners are Cambridge certified which enables all our students to both learn and be examined in our establishment.

Have you asked your school if those who teach your children have gone through practical preparation and continuous training? We regularly train our teachers on teaching techniques and motivational skills. The core of our courses is an established and stable team from around the world. Our Slovak and native speaking teachers from around the world are observed by qualified teacher trainers. Besides observations and feedback our main objective is to organise training, workshops and support our staff to take internationally recognised teacher qualifications. Most importantly our company thrives upon spirit, dedication and commitment to you.

SPEAK is exclusively a member of Slovak language school association and also a member of the Slovak network of schools under the Ministry of education. We are also privileged to be a Cambridge English Language Assessment preparation centre.  There is a family atmosphere in our school built upon trustworthiness and communication. In our school there are 42 young-minded, dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated members of staff and the school always seeks the best of the best.

Our ambition is to set the quality of education in the region and support young people in their projects. We are renowned for supporting students in projects such as “Tajácky Ball“, “Ples Ekológov Ball”, “Youngsters Ball” Students’ open markets and other important events in our region. SPEAK has a unique concept which is instilled into thousands of satisfied students. Through hard work, we are going to continually improve our ideas and make them fit closer to your needs.

Your SPEAK team.

Student´s comments

  • I’m truly glad that I have decided for SPEAK language school. It gives me a chance to communicate only in English for three hours a week. This is thanks to native speaking lecturer, whom I appreciate greatly. The covered topics were interesting and the lessons were entertaining.

  • I like it here. I hang out with my friends here, but we also study. It´s a fine school with an open approach, client´s interest in mind, professional approach with playful elements

  • I believe that conversation with native speaker enables children to adopt the foreign language. I also like that SPEAK approaches pupils of primary schools too.

  • I think it´s really good that children learn a foreign language from an early age, it´s very important for their future. I´m glad that my child attends SPEAK.

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